Monday, January 28, 2008

Paige and Andy

Springfield Missouri : hi - 13* F
Boca Grande Florida : hi - 73* F

Tough call but I think I will go to Florida. And thats just what I did this past weekend. I was originally going to work/have a family vacation and but my pregnant wife and my sick son bailed at the last minute. :::::::RANT:::::pneumonia!? Come on son your almost two! stop being such cry baby and get over it all ready! Oh and get a job for crying out loud, its bout time you started pulling you own weight around here!

Any way despite being alone in florida, I had a great time with Paige and Andy and the rest of there wedding crew. You may even recognize a few familiar faces from a few months back Elizabeth and Russell (One of Tina's couples from Big Smile Photo) I got to do there bridal session. (look down the blog a few dates).

We had fun in the sun and a beautiful wedding on the beach followed by a great dinner and awesome music right next to the beach. (I recommend the salmon!) I could have photographed this group all day. I made a several new friends as well as deeped relationships with the few people that I already new. It was definitely worth the trip. Cya later guys and have fun on your cruise!


Saturday, January 5, 2008

new pics for a new year

Devon and Stan are on fire. check back soon for more pics or preregister to view there pics on