Tuesday, April 17, 2007


If This isnt Big News I dont know what is. For the last 5 years or so I have seen so much growth and change in my business and personal life. i am currently ranked the top wedding photojournalist by the WPJA in Missouri, as well as one the top destination wedding photographers listed on the WPJA. Fans of Big Smile photo have seen it grow from a little studio in a small 12/12 ft office in Hollister Missouri to the most sought after studios for wedding photography in our region. I personally shot over 60 weddings last year. Between Tina and myself we are looking at almost 75 this year, with so many more turned away because of lack of availability. There have been growing pains and I appreciate the patients of or clients and families as we grow and change and develope. Honestly at times it has been more than I can handle. This is why I would like to announce some "Big" changes at Big Smile Photograpy. We are expanding, Big time expanding. We have come to discover that people want Big Smile, but there has never been enough of us to go around. So we are going to change that.


Over the course of the next year or so we will be adding the availabilty of a number of new talented young photographers to the ranks of Big Smile Photography (handpicked by me of course). We will have new photographers to help with our demand locally in Springfield as well as photographers in St. Louis and Kansas City. All of these new talented upcoming photographers currently own there own studios but will be trained by me to shoot weddings exclusively through Big Smile Photoghraphy. THESE NEW PHOTOGRAPHERS, THROUGH BIG SMILE PHOTOGRAPHY, WILL BECOME THE "A-TEAM" OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY THOUGHOUT THE MIDWEST. This is exciting news for us. We expect not only the volume of weddings and customers to increase but that service, quality, and creativity to expand with it. We will be leasing a larger(much larger) new facility in Downtown Springfield in order to serve our clients and offer the exceptional photography and creative services that Big Smile clients have come to expect. Customer service will be taken up a notch as well. This is going to be exciting.

The Final change necessary to make all of these other changes possible comes with mixed emotions for myself. When it comes to the wedding day, there is just not enough of me to go around So starting Immediatly I will be no longer booking weddings thru Big Smile Photography. Part of the expansion process will be the development of a new studio, a wedding photography boutique called J. LAWSON PHOTOGRAPHY. Wedding photography packages through J. LAWSON PHOTOGRAPHY will be available at a starting rate of about $6900. Through Big Smile I will continue to work with the clients that I have already booked. They will have access to all of the new products that Big Smile Phtography has to offer as well as the new things that J. LAWSON PHOTOGRAPHY has to offer. Prices for these clients will not change nor will the services for them be disrupted in anyway unless it is for the better. In fact many of our current clients will become J. LAWSON PHOTOGRAPHY clients and addtional services will be provided to them free of charge. I will continue to manage Big Smile Photography and its workflow. Oversee quality control, design albums do postwork and enhancements on photos, shoot engagement and bridal portrait sessions for my current brides as well as many others who book through the studio when available. I will also provide continuous training for our photographers ensuring sure that they remain some of the most professionals in our industry at any price.

New clients of Big Smile will also see package prices change and develope so that They can have access to some of the best wedding photography available in the midwest at rates that are affordable for avearge brides. (not that any of you are average! :)

We will be launching a new Big Smile Blog and Website. Brides can start booking immediatly for dates next year through Tina and our expanded staff of new photographers. New package prices for next year will be published soon as well as a list of new products, and services. Get ready for a Big year at Big Smile Photography!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Here are my entries into the latest WPJA Photojournalism contest.
let me know what you think.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Codys Codys Everywhere!

As if my life wasnt confusing enough sometimes. I am surrounded my multiple people with the same name. My moms name is Cindy, my aunts name is Sindy, my new sister in law is named Maddie and my cousins wife is Maddie as well. The most confusing one however is my Brother-in- law Cody (who works for the studio) and my actual brother Cody (he doesnt work for me yet). Cody and Maddie just had there wedding and reception (read the previous posting). My Bother Cody and his fiance Jen are getting married in July. All this to say I did Cody and Jens engagement photos yesterday. Some of the shots were a little bit a of a departure from my normal style but I think you will like them. I sure do. I hope all of the Codys are not confusing.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Cody and Maddie

Maddie my new sister in law and my wifes brother Cody (Big Smile's top designer and senior photo freak) actually eloped back in December. But they held a small reception over the weekend at my favorite local Resturant "The Jazz Cafe". Grandpa Fink and Jeanie, Maddies mom and sisters came to town to help celebrate. Talk about a busy week. Cody and Maddie finally moved out of my basement and into the house across the street. It a cute place but it needed a little updating before family got into town. So the week was a mix of flowers and drywall, tile and frosting. But with a little help from Tina and Ham the new bathroom and the reception came together just on time (ok, so maybe there is still a little work to do on the bathroom). But all in all it was great week with people that I love, good food, and some neat photos. Hope you guys like them. The rest will be ready as soon as Cody gets into the office on Monday and finishes editing them. :P


Friday, April 6, 2007

Jennifer and Heath

After a rain delay or two. We finally manged to shoot Jennier and her fiance' Heath. This was the first time I hade met him. He was a pretty cool guy and pretty much up for what ever. Needless to say I had them screaming at oncomming traffic and doing the tomohawk chop. They are both big Chiefs fans and they wanted to let everyone know. We also did a few shots a mile or two from the studio. The spring green is officially hear and the other colors are on there way back. Then to round it off a few black and whites in the studio. Here are a few to hold everyone over the rest will be up shortly. Want to see more, you know the drill. Click the link above to register on Pictage to see the rest.