Monday, February 25, 2008

Maternity Photos (warning!!! not for the faint of heart)

Of course its bound to happen. Married people tend to have babies. Jennifer and Travis were a wedding couple of mine from a few years back. After the wedding i was so excited that they were letting me shoot some belly pics of them. I new that they would let me be fun and different. They were nice enough to let me post a few for you all to check out.

Friday, February 15, 2008


This past year has been full of ups and downs for me. My Studio, Big Smile Photography has grown light years in size and complexity. For the first time I added talented new photographers to the ranks. Big Smile has gone from being a small one man show to a successful multi photographer studio. Our clients and market have responded. And almost doubled the number of weddings from over 50 last year to projections of almost 100 this year. There have been growing pains, and new challenges, but we continue to move forward. With those challenges have come more success than I could have even imagined.

That brings us to 2008, and we are not done growing. My desire is to continue to inspire and enable young talented photographers (or even old talented photographers ) to do what they love and grow and develop as artists and be able to actually make money doing it. Our plan for this year is to add additional talent to our staff.

You, meaning talented, creative, fun photographers that are looking for a way to do what they love! Maybe you are a new talent looking for a way to break into wedding photography as more than just a hobby. Maybe your an old talent thats fed up with the business side of photography and you want to do more of what you love, actually shooting weddings!

This is a place where you can grow and develop, do what you love, have control over your art and vision, and connect with great people that are interested in having you shoot their weddings!

If you are interested in finding out more information send me an email or call me at the studio 417.499.0399. I look forward to speaking with you and finding the next great Big Smile Wedding Photographer!

- Jeremy

Saturday, February 2, 2008

contests entries

I feel like my photographic style is a little ADHD at best. each person i deal with is different and i see different things in each of them. my approach stylistically to each project varies (at least in my own mind). Much of my actual wedding work is puristic photojournalism. and all of my contest entries or photo submissions have been to the WPJA this week i entered the AGWPJA contest for the first time. ( The Artistic Guild of the WPJA ). below are my entries. I would love to get everyones opinions. As you may know or read before in my blog. the WPJA has strict rules about image editing(submissions must be straight out of the camera with only select modifications (contrast, Black and white) and no photoshopping really of any kind, the AGWPJA allows photographers to bend and break those rules. because most of my wedding work (with the exeption of portraits only has minor photoshop work done to it. most of my "funky stuff" is done during portrait session. so most of my contest entries are the in the engagement photo category.

thanks for checking them out.

some of these you may have seen before. some are new.