Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another for my friends

see... I told you it would get better.   maybe not the way you thought it would, but better none the less.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

To everyone in my life. Including myself

To (just about) everyone I know:

If you need to cry, just cry. It Sucks. It all sucks right now. But its not permanent. With love there is hope.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tattoo... will I or wont I?

Alright, Im going to Vegas for wppi. Last WPPI, after some prodding from Dawn Shields and Mike Mirimoto, was the first time I donned the completely shaved head thing. My poor wife freaked (honestly though, it had been going on its own for a while). of course she loves it now. So this year something else maybe. I am thinking a tattoo. A BIG ONE. (already have wifes approval) Its something that i have wanted to do for a long time. I finally picked a design, will WPPI in Vegas be the place?

Maybe i will rally some support to go with me.  To the tattoo parlor!!! Vegas baby!!


New Blog Coming Soon!!

So I have decided to finally get my butt in gear on a new blog. The blog you are probably looking at now is not it! (bland, black, grey..... not it.) It will have larger images, be easier to navigate and a whole lot awesomer. (Not a real word i know)I have a few things that have slacked and my marketing and business side are throwing a fit about it.  A few other things, an updated website,  a new (consistant) logo (that you loyal blog readers will help me pick)I figured if my name is on a list as one of the top 10 wedding photojournalists in the world (no matter how valid it actually is or is not)  And If I want it to be true then I better start acting like it. No more goofing around, time to get serious..... uh oh, this may get interesting.

Keep your eyes peeled for something new!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back in Black (and White)

Sometimes the best way to do things is the old way. Not because its old but because its right. For this couple Black and White felt right. There are color also but I wanted to share these. When shooting it really forced me to look at my light. No fancy tricks, just photography, enjoy. (ok if you look close maybe few tricks ;-)


Saturday, March 8, 2008


I received this email last night about 9:30pm. notice anything strange?

To All WPJA Members,

We are proud to announce the 2007 WPJA Photographer of the Year and the overall top ten wedding photojournalists in the world:

Photographer of the Year: Ben Chrisman, California, USA

Second Place: Eric Lagstein, New Jersey, USA
Third Place: Carlo Carletti, Italy
Fourth Place: Christian Keenan, England
Fifth Place: David Murray, Maine, USA
Sixth Place: Jeremy Lawson, Missouri, USA
Seventh Place: Mark Earthy, Sweden
Eighth Place: Christobal Perez, North Carolina, USA
Ninth Place: Noah Wolf, Minnesota, USA
Tenth Place: Robert Mirani, Massachusetts, USA

- - - -
A huge congratulations to Ben Chrisman and the rest of the top WPJA wedding photojournalists of 2007!


Jason Hackley | | |


How about my name in 6th place. Pardon my french but WTF!!!!!? This cant be right can it? (....insert sarcastic tone here) 10th,probably... eighth, maybe.....but 6th (wink wink ;-) )

THE WPJA me ranked as one of the top ten wedding photojournalists in the world!.....hello!!! is this thing on!!???..... in the world! How, who, what!?

I didnt believe it either and then i here

This has got to be the most awesome thing ever. All I can say is thanks to all of the awesome couples that I get to work with. Thanks for opening up and sharing your lives with us, and being vulnerable in front of the camera. You are the people that are doing it all and making it happen. I am just clicking the button.

Somebody pinch me!