Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alexa and Andy e-session

This was the first time I had met Andy and Alexa and theres nothing like making a first impression by being late. I had driven from Springfield 4hrs to St. Louis and get there in time go directly to my shoot and be 15 min late. Its a trip I take frequently but It just seemed like I couldnt get out of the door that day. Anyway they were very gracious, (thanks again for the patience).

These were shot at the natural history museum where Andy proposed to Alexa. As the story goes the normally laid back Andy was in a rush to get through the museum (a place they visit often) on this snowy day. Andy was so nervous that He kept walking in front speeding through the exhibits, so she would catch a glimpse of the ring in his pocket. The rest is history. As much as they have in common they are both opposites and you know the saying. He likes classic she likes new and modern. They even have their own favorite wings in the museum Andy is a big fan of the masters and Alexa can hang a blank canvas on the wall and its art. (her words) Her favorite piece was the wall sized rainbow ( featured in the last image in this post). It says alot about thier style and there personalities. Hope you guys like the images so far-more to come