Wednesday, August 8, 2007

So much to Blog So little Time!

This Summer has been so nuts. I would like to thank everyone first of all for making everything this year such a great success. We have had so many great couples and families and everything. Secondly I have so many cool images to put on the blog i am going to do one big Blog Post. Kinda like a recap for the past couple of weeks. I have e-sessions and weddings and on the Big Smile Blog I know cody had planned on recapping some awesome senior photo stuff from the summer.


kate said...

hey! saw your new digs last night -- we went out to eat at trolley's and took the opportunity to peer in the windows. right after we were walking away, another guy stopped and peered in also (you know, with hands up to shade the light -- nose pressed against the glass)
it was funny.
your place is awesome! just wish it had been open to go in and check it out.
i love the wallpaper of pictures thing.
good job :-)

Erica Joy said...

LOVE these pics!!! you are just so stinking talented! Jimmy and Megan look amazing, and the engagement shots are so fun! good one!