Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jordan, DKNY, Fall Out Boy and, Teen Vogue

What do all of these things have in common. Well through an interesting series of events... Jordan is a local gal that i have photographed before Her dad is pretty good friends with some good freinds of mine. Jordan is Miss Teen Missouri. Somehow she got connected with Teen Vogue. Pete Wentze (the lead singer of Fall Out Boy) is coming out with a Clothing Line that is through DKNY called "Clandestined Industries." Pete has choosen Teen Vogue to be one of the primary marketing avenues for the new line. Teen Vogue showed Pete some of the images that Cody and I shot for Jordan last December. Shortly after Jordan recieved a box of cloths from Teen Vogue and Pete with instructions to get more pictures. The Final usage of the images not complelety known, but i am told they will be used for advertising and promotion, etc. To be honest I not sure i care that much. I dont get a chance to shoot as much commercial stuff as I used to. I miss it sometimes and really enjoy it when i do. I only had about a 30 min window for light so it was quick and i departed heavly from my casual hands off approach to lighting but is was fun. Here are a few of my Favs.

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kate said...

jordan's in my school and was just telling me about her photo shoot this morning -- little did i know it was with good ole jeremy!

they look great!!