Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Blog Coming Soon!!

So I have decided to finally get my butt in gear on a new blog. The blog you are probably looking at now is not it! (bland, black, grey..... not it.) It will have larger images, be easier to navigate and a whole lot awesomer. (Not a real word i know)I have a few things that have slacked and my marketing and business side are throwing a fit about it.  A few other things, an updated website,  a new (consistant) logo (that you loyal blog readers will help me pick)I figured if my name is on a list as one of the top 10 wedding photojournalists in the world (no matter how valid it actually is or is not)  And If I want it to be true then I better start acting like it. No more goofing around, time to get serious..... uh oh, this may get interesting.

Keep your eyes peeled for something new!


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