Friday, May 16, 2008

Adam and Thao

Check out this couple, Adam and Thao had a super fun, Beach themed wedding and reception at Lumen,  a new venue Downtown St. Louis. This couple has an amazing story, and beautiful fun friends that I got to know while we drove around St. Louis taking photos. We met for drinks at Harrys on Market Street and then spent most of the afternoon on the bus in the rain. But we managed to get a few shots outside before the downpoor.  Adam and Thao told be up front they were up for anything. They even were willing to be a little dangerous for a photo that i wanted to get near a busy over pass. After this wedding I rushed down to Springfield and made it just in time to see my new baby girl born. 

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poser said...

excellent shot with the bridal party in the middle of the road.

love it :)