Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If Pretty People Make you Sick.

If pretty people make you sick you may just want to turn away now. And by saying they are pretty I have no doubt embarrassed Todd and Laura but they shouldn't be embarrassed. They have in fact been outed as pretty before. They have each done some modeling, and from what I know about them, have many of the same qualities inside as they do out. They are chill and both super laid back. It makes my job editing and creating a style for there photos all the easier. They are both into arts, Todd is a full time musician and Laura paints and works for Evangel college. The first series of photos was right outside the studio doors. The light outside our white marble building does some great things when the sun is headed down bouncing majestically around buildings and windows. We moved around downtown for a bit and then headed to Jeremy Larsons (not Lawson) recording studio for a few other shots. I am really looking forward to shooting there wedding next year.







alec vanderboom said...

i don't feel so good.

great great stuff.

Lisa Hessel said...

They are pretty fo sho. Great work.

Scott said...

I think I need to go drop a pile of mud. Oh, and the pictures, oh yeah, they're nice.