Sunday, April 8, 2007

Cody and Maddie

Maddie my new sister in law and my wifes brother Cody (Big Smile's top designer and senior photo freak) actually eloped back in December. But they held a small reception over the weekend at my favorite local Resturant "The Jazz Cafe". Grandpa Fink and Jeanie, Maddies mom and sisters came to town to help celebrate. Talk about a busy week. Cody and Maddie finally moved out of my basement and into the house across the street. It a cute place but it needed a little updating before family got into town. So the week was a mix of flowers and drywall, tile and frosting. But with a little help from Tina and Ham the new bathroom and the reception came together just on time (ok, so maybe there is still a little work to do on the bathroom). But all in all it was great week with people that I love, good food, and some neat photos. Hope you guys like them. The rest will be ready as soon as Cody gets into the office on Monday and finishes editing them. :P



Dawn Shields said...

Great shots Jer! I wish we could have made it. I will make sure they still get the gift! ;-)

Luv to Cody and Maddie!
Dawn (Sean,Sierra & Sutton too!)

Erica Joy said...

jer, these are beautiful photos!!! what a gift you have of capturing the love between two people, as well as the moments everyone wants to remember. thank you for sharing your gift friend!