Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Codys Codys Everywhere!

As if my life wasnt confusing enough sometimes. I am surrounded my multiple people with the same name. My moms name is Cindy, my aunts name is Sindy, my new sister in law is named Maddie and my cousins wife is Maddie as well. The most confusing one however is my Brother-in- law Cody (who works for the studio) and my actual brother Cody (he doesnt work for me yet). Cody and Maddie just had there wedding and reception (read the previous posting). My Bother Cody and his fiance Jen are getting married in July. All this to say I did Cody and Jens engagement photos yesterday. Some of the shots were a little bit a of a departure from my normal style but I think you will like them. I sure do. I hope all of the Codys are not confusing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Jeremy
I have heard alot about you and your work.
Just wanted to comment on your brother Cody's Engagement pictures and by the way congratulations to Cody his bride to be and your entire family. What a Blessing!I think your best picture of the group is the one they are standing on the tree as the sun go's down.