Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More than just an image

Note: this is not a rant.

Wedding Photography is more than just about creating an image or making a beautiful couple look fantastic. I see so many photographers popping up locally and across the country and quickly turning out great images. And the process for creating those beautiful images gets easier and easier. I I have been looking through blog after blog of staged moments and amazing locations and images with funky colors, giving them that perfectly popular vintage style. And I like vintage and beautiful locations. That can all be amazing. But in all honesty all It takes is decent camera, photoshop and enough images or enough tries edited in sequence to edit together a perfect looking wedding day. (side note:not every wedding day is perfect ) But our work can go farther than that. more than just capturing the right moment or right looking
moment or expression. A wedding photograph can be more than just an image, it can be more than a post on a blog. Because after all we are more than image makers. We are guests at a wedding. A wedding between 2 living people in love. And this wedding is the first day of a marriage. And these people are real living people with moments that happen after the shutter clicks, not actors or models And we are more than professionals or photographers we are guests. Real live people with real lives after the shutter clicks and real live responsibilities as photographers. With a responsibility and a privilege to do more than click a button 1000 or 2000 times at a wedding. To do more than experience our own fleeting creation but capturing part of Gods creation.
His creation of marriage uniting two people and celebration and joy and love, a reflection of God and his people. We are more than just bloggers and face-bookers and marketers (if we will let ourselves) and image makers or even just wedding photographers, the couples we work with more than just models and weddings more than just staged productions. We are making more than just cool impressive looking images. If we are willing our images can be more than just an image.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you realized that. You are really growing as a photographer. I'm proud of you.

Kayla said...

First let me introduce myself: I am Brenda Cook's daughter Kayla. I think you guys are in that camera club together. Anywho, I am a big fan of your work and really enjoy just looking at something beautiful and your photos really capture the beauty of the crown jewel of God's creation in all of our splendor and quarkiness! I'm living in Southeast Asia right now and today was a particularly poopy day culture wise and I just wanted to say thank you for this post, and for cheering a fellow Springfieldian up on the other side of the world!

Jeremy Lawson said...

Thanks for visiting Kayla. I am glad this brought cheer to your heart. Despite our quirkyness he loves us just as we are after all we are all his children.