Monday, March 12, 2007

Jessica and Joel

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Now I have seen too many bad wedding photos to know that beautiful people + beautiful location + beautiful flowers + beautiful dress does not always equal beautiful wedding photos. Sometimes budget constraints happen or bad photographers happen (not me of course!) or worse yet, friends that are amateur photographers happen. But if you "soon to be brides" want to see how it should really all come together - look no further that Jessica and Joel's wedding. Now as a rule I would normally not suggest that you let your mom coordinate your wedding for you, that being said Jes' mom Angie coordinated everything and she handled the it all like a champ. Everything was beautiful and well planned (and surprisingly laid back). The wedding took place at the Drury Stone Chapel, and the reception was at Wellington place. (Great Venue!) Everything was simple and elegant, and those little cream cheese things were awesome. I also did a Big Smile first. After the formal festivities were over I put together a slide show of some of the best images from the day. It was a hit! I think I definitely earned some brownie points with mom and grandma. It's an awesome twist on the traditional reception picture slide show. Brides to be if your interested in having this at your reception let me know. and if you want some more tips on how to make your wedding work like Jes and Joel's just let me know.


Dawn Shields said...

You blow me away with your talent! This couple is so lucky to have had you as a photographer!

Jessica Harrell said...

Yes we are, Jeremy did an awesome job! We have had so many compliments on the photo's and Jeremy's stealthy professionalism.