Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tara and Brett

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Sometimes I forget how many cool little nooks and cranies there are just out side my studio. I try not to shoot there to much because the last thing i want is for everyones photos to all look the same. But every once and a while I like to get out a do a quick once around the square. Thats just what i did with Tara and Bret. They were a sweet couple and they caught on quick. They were very affectionate and you could tell that they cracked each other up. The entire shoot went off smoothly except when we were almost ran over by a police ocar doing about 85mph (he must have had somewhere important to go). We started outside the Jazz Cafe (my favorite lunch spot and swung behind Foxes Pizza, where we have dinner every Monday night (single topping large only $6.99). Last stop was around the back alley next to City Hall. All in all pretty good stuff if I do say so myself. Dont believe me? Check some out for yourself. The rest will be up soon. Just register above and we will let you know.

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