Monday, March 5, 2007

Lacy and Dustin (click here to register for updates for this event)

Their wedding is still a few months away but I got chance to hang out with Lacy and Dustin this weekend and shoot some engagement photos. We did the shoot in Old Downtown St. Charles and man was it windy, but their personalities really made the photos. It had been a while since I had been to St. Charles and it was beautiful. The Downtown has a lot of cool little spots, neat shops and great color. I even got a chance to have lunch with the couple at the Trailhead Brewery (a local favorite). They are the coolest people both with great hearts. Definetly a Big Smile couple. Originaly from Marshfield, (one of my old highschool sports rivals) Lacy is still in school finshing up her degree and Dustin works with autistic kids. He had alot of great stories and you can tell he really loves the kids he works with. Here are some of my favorites. They are one of those couples that are made for each other. You can tell they really are in love.


kate said...

holy camole your pictures are so great on here! i didn't know you had a blog!
and you probably were already disappointed at discovering my webpage is the same as my blog -- for a long time the blog link didn't work on my profile so i just put it under 'webpage'...
alas i'm not as cool as some with amazing internety things all over the place -- just one blog :-)
you really need to slow down with the amazingness -- if i ever get married you're going to be too expensive for me to afford!
maybe whoever i'm marrying will be a sugar daddy and it won't be a problem.
i guess we'll cross that bridge when it comes along :-)
did i mention you're an amazing photographer?
it's true.

Erica Joy said...

I LOVE these as well! You can tell this couple has a lot of personality. I like how they are laughing in most of them, and the black and white one is super cool. Good job, you!