Tuesday, January 2, 2007

First Celebrity Wedding A Success

What did you do for new years? Well i spent the night hobnobbing with celebrities, millionaires and professional athletes as I shot my first celebrity wedding. Survivor castaway Heidi Strobel was the beautiful bride. Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels was the groom. Other reality star celebs like Ethan winner of Survivor Africa and Runner Up Jenna were there as well. It was a little surreal hanging out with people that I had seen on T.V . Everyone was great and it was a lot of fun. So I figured what a better way to wrap up an awesome 2006 and a great way to start my brand new blog than with awesome photos of my New Years Wedding. The wedding took place at Elphindale Mansion in Springfield with a reception at Highlandville Country Club. Heidi herself put in the Lions share of the work planning decorations and coordinating the wedding herself. the Colors were shades of purple and silver. Flowers were done by Jill at Artistry in Bloom (she does great work if you couldn't tell by the photos). Her Cake was by Cameo cakes.

I met Heidi and Cole over the phone when she called me after looking me up online. after a few phone calls i discovered that Cole was a Professional Pitcher for the Phillies. It wasn't until after the engagement photos in St. Louis that i found out who Heidi was. Which was quite surprising because by wife is a Survivor Finatic!

The Great thing about this wedding was the people Heidi and Cole Both are that they two of the nicest people you will ever meet. and Heidi's creativity in designing and coordinating the wedding was superb. A live band and the best peice of steak I have ever had in my life, rounded out the evening. it was a great wedding with a great group of people and definatly a night to remember.


Dawn Shields said...

WOW Jeremy! Those images are awesome! She could not have picked a better photographer...okay maybe one other hahaha All joking aside you are one of the best and it shows! I am so proud to have you as my best photog friend in Springfield! I'm sure this was the first of many "celebrity weddings" you will be doing. Congrats my friend!

Dawn Shields

Preston said...

Hey Jeremy! So what kind of deal did you make with the Devil to become such a fantastic photographer? You Rock and so do your images!Keep them comming. See you at the show and way to go!

Preston Dial

bekahbex said...

Wow! Cole just won the world series MVP! I looked up hos wife on line because they said it was her 30th today. I am a wedding photog and I fell upon your blog! Great captures!! I would have been so nervous shooting celebs!