Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Hey everyone. The Wedding photojournalist Association Contest Submissions deadline for the Winter Contest is Wednesday. I have about 12 entries this contest. (only my second WPJA Contest). The results of this contest largly determine state rankings (currently #2) and for the really great photogs, points toward photographer of the year (not a snowballs chance for me). The rules about the wpja are that each moment (with a few exeptions) must be candid and undirected by the photographer. As well as unmanupulated afterwards by photoshop (turning things black and white and contrast adjustments are ok). So the images that you are seeing are as they were real life moments. So I thought before the contest closed that i would put some of my favorite contest photos to date online to share to see what everyone thinks. questions comments and snide remarks are welcome as always. hope you like

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Jasmine said...

Jeremy!!! Just checked out your site...and you ROCK!
It was great meeting you, John and Dawn last week and I hope our paths cross in the near future!