Monday, January 22, 2007

Just call me the U.S. Postal Service

Whatever that Postal Service motto is about rain and sleet and ice and all nasty conditions that postal service people perform there dutys during, I think I am going to adopt it. It was just one of those nasty, cold, wet days Saturday. But despite the conditions i had a great time at Morgan and Shawns Wedding. It was a small on people but big on style Everyone there was what I would call "Good Folk" Nice and down to earth. Morgan especially was the kind of person I was proud to shoot a wedding for. Thanks alot for letting me be a part of everything. Some couples I put in the Client categorie, others like Morgan and Shawn to me belong more in the friend category. I am pretty lucky in the fact that that is happening to me more and more. Give me a call guys when you get back.

Morgan and the "Gals" started getting ready around 11:00 the hair and makeup lady was sweet enough to let them get ready at her place; a beautiful Condo just south of Branson, right on the lake. (my ol' hometown) Morgans Wedding Party was a hoot. The girls especially. I wasn't there 5 min before the girls had me talkin "all southern" I must have heard and said the word "Ya'll" a thousand times. The Condo was a beautiful rustic backdrop for the getting ready shots. The ice did pick up a bit and everybody (including Morgan) started to get a little nervous. Lynette, the coordinator kept everyone calm.(They must not have known my good luck when it comes to weather on wedding days.) Actually despite how much as i talked about it in the previous paragragh the nastiest parts held off until later in the evening. (Just in time for me to drive home though the worst of it 10mph the whole way). I ended up taking me about 1hr to drive what it normally takes me 15 min.

Lynette from Afflair, My new Wedding Coordinator Friend, (its a short did a fabulous job on everything. It was the first time I had ever seen a Brown Orchid. The Reception was at Touch' (I could handle having every reception there) Everything happend when it was supposed to and it was all beautiful. 1st Class all the way! I would recomend her to any bride. Also the cake (one of Darlene's spectacular creations) was one of the most amazing cakes I have ever seen. Everyone just spent a good part of the night stareing at it.

Finally to round it all off the Mark Chapman Band played late into the evening. I had never heard them before. I was very inpressed. and despite the small crowd it was a high energy. After few drinks the Gals were up dancing with the band. When i left everyone was still having a great time. Thanks again to everyone who braved the element and attended. For those that didnt, you really missed out on a great time, a beautiful bride.


Tim said...

Looks like an awesome time Jeremy! If you don't remember, it's me Tim Miller from the wedding show! Way to rock the wedding and deliver.

Gotta love Stonegate! ;o)

Tim Miller Photography

Anonymous said...

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