Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Austin and Amanda (view additional images here)

Can I say how much i like what i do? Because i do. especially when i get couples like Austin and Amanda. Their wedding is still a few months away (as always register at to get photo updates for Austin and Amanda) but i had the pleasure of doing their engagement photos this afternoon. When i asked what they had in mind for there engagement photos they both just said "something different". I said " I can do different." So we did. I took them down to a local roadside antique stand that is kind of a scrapmetal junk yard for old Coke machines. There were great colors and they both had the look to pull in off. As always some of my favorites are below.Although honestly, there are so many good ones it was hard to pick. The rest of the finished ones as well as the studio shots will be in the online gallery early next week.

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Erica Joy said...

I love the affects on the one where they are kissing, how it looks kind of hazy. I can't wait to get engaged and married, just so I can have amazing pictures taken! And for a few other reasons as well. :)