Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brittney and Mark's Wedding

I know its been a long wait and I know that there are a lot of people waiting to see these photos. i am happy to announce that they are done and online. It may be a bit before they are release to the public but here are some to hold you over. This was such an amazing day with a bunch of great people. Brittney and Mark, I hope you guys like them. If you haven't pre-registered to view this event you can click on the title link of this post and it will send you to page where you can do just that. If you have already registered it will send you to the gallery. happy viewing!



Robin Dini Photography said...

these are amazing. i love the shots in the bed. very creative :)

Amy Martin said...

I am in love with your photography. A friend of mine pointed me your direction. I feel like I am looking at real life happening in each of your photographs. It really shoots straight to the soul. Great work. I am a fan.