Monday, July 7, 2008

My Friends - The Parsons

Man I love these guys. Not only are they talented, but just plain fun to hang out with. I had the chance to just chill with these two at their new home in KC last week. We met a couple of months ago and had dinner while i was up visiting with some clients.

------side note----- I just realized that i have almost no recent pictures of myself anywhere. I discovered after looking at this image that I may be bald, but I could probably hide it mostly by combing back my eye brows. I'll try it and let everyone know how it goes.--------

Anyways---They are just super cool people. When every I am up in the KC area i give them a buzz. So any blog stalkers of mine need to link over to their site when ever you get a chance, you will be gad you did.


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OK, this is WAY too cool of you!!! We are so glad and blessed that you are in our lives, and SO THANKFUL!!
much love from us both!