Friday, July 18, 2008

Sally and Tommy e-session

Hey, These are photos from an e-session from a few days ago. Tommy is my lawn guy, and sally is a good friend of my head designer, Jesse. This couple has pretty much been together since they met. Tommy is a war veteran and spent a lot of time over in iraq. They came in a few months back to ask about having me shoot their wedding. I was super excited, they are a fun couple and both pretty easy on the eyes. (i am secure enough in my masculinity to say that) But soon after we visited Tommy gave up his overseas security job to spend more time with is fiance' and I didnt fit in the new wedding budget. But fortunatly thats not the end of the story. Sally was in a few months later, still no photographer, talking to Jesse. I overheard that they had started a lawn service. Sally joked that they would trade me, lawn service for wedding photos. Little did she know, that was a deal I would jump all over! dont get me wrong i love mowing, and I love the smell of fresh cut grass, but summertime/wedding season, I would rather spend what little time I have at home, playing with my family on my grass not 3 hrs mowing it. I had been spending a fortune for a so-so lawn guy, that I was about to can. Tommy swooped in and did a bang up job. So good news is, we are shooting their wedding, and I have a beautifully manicured lawn. In fact my yard looks better than it ever has. So if your looking for a great inexpensive lawn guy, that does a great job, let me know, I will get you in touch with Tommy. Thanks guys hope you like the pics

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april greer said...

absotootingly beautiful jeremy. I love these moments you captured. gorgeous memories. beautiful photos