Saturday, July 19, 2008

Meg and Ty e-session

I get to shoot Meg and Ty's wedding in Tulsa in November. I am looking forward to it not only because they are great but I get to see a some old Friends, Hailey and Adonis, a couple of mine from a few years back. Hope you guys like the samples I will get the others up as soon as they are finished.



Anonymous said...

If this camper is a rockin' don't come a knockin'!! The shots are great as usual Jer!

We are so excited that we get to see you at weddings in Tulsa TWICE in the next year! After that, we are running out of friends that are getting hitched....we will have to start making new, younger friends so we can see you more often!

Hope all is well!

hayli and adonis

eric langlois said...

total rockstars! your work is in a league of its own. I'm a long time fan and I'm sorry to do this to you but ya got tagged. I know....sooooo lame