Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back From Mexico

Hello all. The First thing that I would like to do is apologize for not being available to talk to in person for more than a week. I figured I would at least be able to receive or return calls from Mexico, but I was wrong. Thanks for your patience. If you called or emailed and I have not gotten back to you please let me know. Cody was able to hold the fort down pretty well while I was gone but if you need anything just let me know.

Enough of that, let's get back to the trip. It was a great trip for so many reasons. I got to hang out with my good friend Dawn from Dawn Shields photography and met a few new friends from accross the country that all attended the Xtreme photography in Cabo. The Confrence was hosted by Jessica Claire and Liana Lehmen- two great destination photographers. I have to admit I was hoping to come away with a little more than I did but all in all is was a good trip and I did learn a few things - mostly to have confidence in my work. If that's all I came away with then it was worth it. I was gone for seven days and I was most definitley home sick by the end of the week. But I got some great shots of the two couples that we worked with while we were down there. Here are some of my favorites. The first couple of shots are of a couple from Hawaii, Steven and Kristen. the second is J.D. and Jasmine

Liana Sister was nice enough to do some modeling for us as well. here is my favorite shot of her

This was my first trip to Mexico. I met a great new Photographer friend Jon Koch out of St. Louis. Jon boy likes a good cerveza (that means beer in spanish). By the end of the week he had earned the name xtreme Jon. Not so much for being that extreme but for threatening to be so on several occasions. Actually, he was usually the first one to turn in for the night. I danced with a lot of old retired ladies whose husbands were too beat to be on the dance floor. And I did a lot of relaxing on the beach. I was a little dissapointed in my choice of accomedations. I stayed at an all inclusive and was expecting to put on a few pounds while I was away. Instead, I ended up loosing due to the mediocre food. Stay tuned for more Cabo Updates as I go through all of the shots I am sure I will come up with a few more to share. For now I am off to rub a little more lotion on my sunburned back.


Jasmine said...

Hey Jer!
You know how much I love that door shot! ;) Can't wait to meet up again!
BTW, we need to work on Dawn and Jon to get a blog!! :)

Dawn Shields said...

Love it Jer! Such great shots. Had a great time in Cabo with you! I'm so blessed to have such a great friend in the business. Also I'm getting on the blog train it's just taking me a while to get it figured out. love the camera not so much on the computer ;-)