Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Communication Disaster

A Tri-Fecta of Communications Meltdowns has occured at Big Smile Photography. For those frustrated souls that have been trying to get in touch with me the last couple of weeks you have had quite an uphill battle. While i was in Mexico i couldnt make or receive calls, then My 7month old son drooled all over my cellphone (the main studio line) late last week and so i have had to reroute calls to the fax line. (which i discoverd this morning had been unplugged!!!) Also as if the communications gods hadnt mocked me enough, my email box had reached its limit and decided to quit on me over the weekend. I guess I should have known that something was wrong when i went from getting about 30 inquiries a day to ZERO!) But good news! the fax line is back up and my email server problems have been fixed. but if you happen to read across the blog and have been trying to get in touch with me with no success please, please, please! try again.


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