Friday, February 16, 2007

I recant my previous statement

Ok maybe recant is not the right word. how does rephrase sound. What i meant to say (in refrence to my comment about the xtreme confrence) is not that i didnt get as much out of it as i had hope, but that I got something different than what I expected. And the longer that i am home the more and more i seem to have benefited from the seminar. Take the following images for example. I had my first shoot since returning from xtreme and I can see and feel a big difference in the results. The shoot started off a little rocky. Cody had taken me to work after I dropped my car off for and oil change. He left the Studio just as the Katie and Kurt arrived leaving me and the couple stranded at the studio. We decided to do a few in studio shotsuntil Linds dropped off the other car. (without gas of course). So after a quick pitstop and a jount through rush hour traffic we got to the mudhouse lounge with about 30 min of good light in the freeziing cold. It was, however, a very profitable half hour. Katie and Kurt impressed me with there cold tollerance. We gulped down a mudskipper each and took off. Here are some of my favorites. Thanks Guys you did an awesome job

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Dawn Shields said...

Okay Jer you out did yourself on this one! This is True "Big Smile Style"! Love it! Katie and Kurt are an awesome couple and very beautiful. Your work is amazing!